What Is Visa 489?

People travel from their countries to other parts of the world, just to earn some money or sometimes to get citizenship. Now it becomes easy for skilled workers to get citizenship of Australia after working there for a short time,  a visa option which is commonly known as visa 489. There are two options available to get 489 visa migration agent in Brisbane, either you can get nominated by the government or get sponsored by a permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand. An individual has 60 days after getting invitation or EOI to get it’s all relevant documents ready and lodge for a visa. Requirements to be eligible for this visa category are: 

  • To have an invitation or expression of interest (EOI) 
  • Applicant should be below age 45 
  • Should be in required skilled occupation list 
  • Pass the skill assessment test 
  • Good command in English 
  • Meet the health requirement 

This visa is sponsored to those individuals who fulfill the requirements set by the government. It allows the personals to live & work in less densely populated regions of Australia for four years and after that, they become eligible to apply for permanent residence. 

Nominated by State 
Every state in Australia issues a list of occupations which they require due to short supply. If a person qualifies for those professions then he has to pass the skills test and if it gets cleared then he will be given with a letter which shows an expression of interest then he can try for a visa. In this type, you need to work and stay in the selected region for 2 years to qualify for the status of permanent residence. 

Sponsored by Relative 
If any person has parents, siblings, grandparents or blood cousins and uncle/aunt is resident of Australia or New Zealand citizens then they can also invite you with chances of getting permanent residence. After receiving an invitation, it requires you to spend 2 years to in boundaries of the designated area and full-time employment then you will be qualifying for permanent residence. Every person is eligible to apply for this visa even if he is in Australia or not but if that visa is rejected then the applicant cannot apply for a visa on skill nominated or sponsored visa. You can mention the including family members, your spouse or ex-partner, parents and dependent children but make sure you will work and study in the designated area or region but can travel from or to Australia if having this visa valid. If you get a work permit of a developed country and afterward have chances to get citizenship, then it is a chance to change your life. So be conscious about the procedure and all the documents, preferably hire a consultant to check your eligibility and to go through all the procedure smoothly.migration-services