Best Food To Try Out In Australia

There are many culinary feats in Australia that you will get to experience as you explore the continent. However, there are also those dishes that can be tagged as quintessential and those are the ones that you must not miss if you are to really feel what life in Australia is like. Here are some of the best dishes that the Aussies do really well that you simply cannot miss.

Australian barbecue
The Australians just love their barbecue. They use a variety of meats which are grilled to perfection along with a plethora of seafood options too. The meat and fish is served alongside some great fresh salads, sliced bread that can be toasted if you like it that way and some generous dollops of ketchup and barbecue sauce. It is really satisfying and you can enjoy this at the end of a long day such as after one of your tours to kangaroo island from Adelaide along with your friend and family.

Chicken parmigiana
So this one is typical beer food which can be seen served a lot at the local pubs. On one of your late evening barossa valley tours from adelaidetour-auspull over at a pub and ask for a cold one along with a chicken
or chicken parmigiana. The dish is a full meal that consists of chicken schnitzel that has toppings of ham, Napoli sauce and a generous slab of melted gooey cheese. They will be served with some great crispy fries or a salad. It is definitely mouthwatering.

Crab sticks
The funny thing here is that these so called crab sticks do not actually have any crab meat in them. Instead it has a combination of all kinds of white fish that has been minced and then shaped to look like the claw of a crab. However, it is simply delicious and tastes like seafood heaven when deep fried.

The name of this dish is one that is derived from the Aboriginal language and will translate to English giving the meaning; ‘large scaled river fish’. The fish is simply delicious and is so versatile which is why it is so popular in all of Australia. By versatile, you can be assured that this fish can be baked, fried, grilled or even barbecued.

Beetroot burgers
There is nothing different in burgers because you can eat it pretty much anywhere in the world right? Wrong. The Australians put beetroot in their s in a classic twist that just gives this indescribable kick to the whole things. You have to taste it to feel it.